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About Kettle Falls Hotel

A little bit of history.....


The hotel, affectionately known as "Kettle" by those who love the place, was built between 1910 and 1913 by a timber baron and was reputedly financed by the infamous Madame Nellie Bly. Come see for yourself how this rich heritage has been preserved, and enjoy the stories of a bygone era in a wilderness that remains unspoiled.

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Historic Kettle Falls Hotel & Resort

A Jewel in the Forest

Come and experience this unique Historic Hotel, a remote spot on the Minnesota/Canadian Border and a treasure trove of history and local legends. Capture the essence of the last several hundred years when the Ojibwe fished in these waters and the French-Canadian Voyageurs portaged their 26-foot canoes with packs of furs and trading goods around the tumbling waterfalls. Listen to stories of how the gold miners took steamers from here to Rainy Lake's gold fields. View photos of how lumberjacks brought thousands of tons of logs through the dam in the early part of the century and fishermen auctioned off their catch in 100 pound wooden boxes at the docks. Listen to tales of the Prohibition era, when Bootleggers would distill and sell their own illicit alcohol locally and smuggle in vast quantities of Canadian liquor across the International Border for mobsters to sell as far away as Chicago...

There's so much to see and do.... hope to see you this summer!

For more information, please check out our brochure

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