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Q. How do you get to Kettle Falls?

A. Kettle Falls is only accessible by watercraft or floatplane during the summer months. In the winter you can also get to the hotel by snowmobile.

Q. What if I want to come to Kettle Falls but do not have my own boat?

A. Kettle Falls Hotel does have shuttle service available for a fee for guests that are staying in the hotel or villas. Kettle Falls Hotel does have boat, canoe, and kayak rentals available for your stay if you want to get out and explore on your own.

The hotel does not currently provide a shuttle for day guests. 


The National Park Service has tours to the hotel. You can check dates, times, and to make reservations here.


There are many private guides in the area that do provide daytrips to the Hotel and surround areas. The National Park Service has a listing on there website here. 

Q. Do I need to bring my own towels, sheets, etc.? 

A. No, Kettle Falls Hotel provides all the basic amenities you'd need. All rooms have the normal sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and washcloths you'd expect. All villas also have charcoal grills, coffeepots, and refrigerators. Kitchen unit villas will also have dishes, pans, silverware, and cooking utensils.

Q. Do you have gas, ice, bait?

A. Yes! Kettle Falls Hotel has gas available on both Rainy Lake and Namakan Lake. Ice and live bait is available at the docks. We do also have tackle and other fishing supplies in the Trading Post.

Q. Where is the Trading Post? What's in it?

A. The Trading Post is a store and gift shop located on the shore of Namakan Lake, about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The store is stocked with basic groceries, snacks, ice cream treats, fishing and boating essentials, souvenirs, Kettle Falls clothing and hats, and so much more. 

Q. How big of boat can you portage?

A. Our trailers are able to accommodate boats up to 23 feet long and pontoons up to 24 feet long.

Q. Does Kettle Falls have fishing guides or other tour guides?

A. Kettle Falls Hotel does not have guides. The National Park Service has a list of commercial guides in the park on their website here.

Q. Is there a water fall at Kettle Falls?

A. Yes, but maybe not what you had in mind. There is about a 10 ft. drop between Namakan Lake and Rainy Lake at Kettle Falls and Squirrel Falls.  2 dams were built over waterfalls in 1914 to control the level of the lakes.

Q. Are there any other good sources of information on the history of Kettle Falls Hotel?

A. Yes the National Park Service has a great write-up on the history of Kettle Falls on their website.  

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